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Meet the Elves of Allaria!

Updated: Feb 16

The land of Allaria is a distant far off place, where People live alongside Magical Creatures, Giants, and of course Elves.

The main Elves we are concerned with in our stories are; Bran, Aoife, and Dana.

Let's meet them shall we?


Bran is a very talented elf, he has the ability to communicate with all the different elemental Sprites that lived in Allaria. Here he is sharing a joke with Kirisog the foreman of the Water Sprite's.

It's this particular band of Sprites' job to water the village of Ninor's crops.

Bran is a member of the Allarian Elven Council Guard. He is very skilled with a slingshot.


Aoife is one of the kindest and gentlest Elves in the land of Allaria. She has a very particular skill with animals and plants. None of the animals in the Rainbow Wood fear her.

Here she is singing with a Bluejay. Don't they look happy?

However, you should not let Aoife's calm and friendly manner fool you. Whenever there is a difficult or hard situation that takes a hard or difficult decision, Aoife is the best for the job.


Dana is a very industrious Elf. She is never happier than when she is in her workshop building and inventing some gadget or tool. Here she is hard at work.

This is one of the rare occasions you will see her smile.

Dana is an expert marksman with a slingshot, and has been known to hit her target from over 50 paces away.

These three wonderful Elves have had many adventures and will have many more I don't doubt. Stay tuned to see what they get up to next.

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