The Coridwen Ruby

The Coridwen Ruby

It's a very BIG day for Dana Idesan, she is turning 250 years old (Elven Years).  That's more like twelve to you and me.

In the land of Allaria it is customery as an elf reaches their 250th Bloomday, They must set out on a quest to find a rare gem.  This gem, called the Coridwen Ruby appears only once a year at the same time in one of three places, and only remains for one day. 

This Ruby is of great importance to the Elves as its power helps to protect their village of Ninor for the coming year.

This year that Honour/Task falls to Dana.  What Terrors will she have to face along the way?  Will her concern that her friend’s seem to have forgotten her bloomday distract her from this really important task?